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Welcome to Chappaqua

The name of this picturesque wooded hamlet comes from tribes of the Mohegan Confederation, who called it “Shepequa” because of its plentiful water sources. Today, Chappaqua’s abundance of natural beauty—parks, trails, and nature preserves— continues to nourish its long-time residents and lure newcomers.

What to Expect

Bucolic vistas and an easily walkable downtown.

The Lifestyle

A friendly, small-town vibe less than an hour from New York City.

Unexpected Appeal

Celebrity homeowners who are just like us.

You'll Fall in Love With

The farm-to-table ethos.

Work With Us

The Hardesty Team are pioneers in the industry and trusted advisors with a solution driven mindset. The Hardesty Team empowers their clients, helping everyone from the first-time buyers to seasoned sellers, make better, more informed decisions.
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