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DID YOU KNOW? Mortgage Rates for home loans fell to the lowest in over a year as investors remained concerned about economic headwinds, setting up the housing market for a strong spring season. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.35% in the February 21 week, down from 4.37% in the prior week and the lowest since early February 2018. 
DID YOU KNOW? Listeners estimate that they tune out during conversations about 30% of the time, according to Harvard Business School. While most of the blame is placed on the listener, communication experts say we need to focus on what the talker is doing wrong, too. Often talkers engage in a monologue rather than a dialogue. They drone on and ignore the listener’s cues that he/she is disengaged, sometimes accusing the listener of spacing out, causing hurt feelings or starting an argument. They don’t let the listener get a word in. Connected talkers focus on 4 actions: 
  1. They are aware of the listener and value what that person brings to the conversation.
  2. They pay attention to what it feels like to be listened to and don’t get lost in their own head.
  3. They feel gratitude for the listener.
  4. They are aware of the well-being of the listener, asking: “Am I overwhelming or losing the person?”
Be clear about what you need. Do you want advice, empathy, someone to hold your hand and just listen? Being open about what you want will help both you and the listener stay focused. Also slow down your talking, make eye contact, pay attention to the other person’s responses and let the other person talk. (WSJ)
DID YOU KNOW? Oregon is about to become the first US state to enact statewide rent control: the measure prohibits landlords from terminating month-to-month leases without cause after 12 months of occupancy and limits rent hikes to once per year, 7% above the annual change in the consumer price index. Landlords can terminate only with 90 days’ written notice and payment of 1 month’s rent, with exemptions in some cases. Landlords can refuse to renew a fixed-term lease if the tenant receives 3 lease violation warnings within 12 months and provides 90 days’ notice.

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