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DID YOU KNOW? California voters rejected Proposition 10 that would have expanded local government authority to enact rent-control laws on residential property. Opponents of Proposition 10 claimed that the measure would worsen the state's chronic housing crisis and lead to more than 500 local rental boards setting just how much homeowners could charge to rent out their home. (CNBC)
DID YOU KNOW? The former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warns that Chinese behavior and U.S. miscalculation could bring down an ‘economic Iron Curtain’ between the two global superpowers. This could further crimp the confidence of foreign Chinese buyers in the USA. (WSJ)
DID YOU KNOW? A great article in Barron's posted online last night about SOFTBANK's investment in Compass. "Why SoftBank's Huge Real Estate Investments Just Might Make Sense."

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