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DID YOU KNOW? The other day traffic was stopped on 5th Avenue as Saks Fifth Avenue launched its spectacular Christmas lights: yesterday Saks reported a 7.3% gain in quarterly comparable sales, it's strongest growth since the retailer was bought by Toronto-based Hudson’s Bay Co. in November 2013. Retail -injected with some new passion and fewer competitors - may not be dead after all!

DID YOU KNOW? Florida ranked as the No. 1 destination among homebuyers who were looking to move across state lines, LendingTree. 12.4% of all mortgage requests made by out-of-state movers were for homes in Florida. (Those in Miami this week enjoying ART BASEL MIAMI have yet another reason why Florida is so desirable to so many.) Adjusted for population size, South Carolina was #1. Other states that saw the greatest influx of residents, not adjusting for state’s population, include Texas, California, Washington, Arizona, Massachusetts, and North Carolina. (Lending Tree)

DID YOU KNOW? There could be multiple toxins in your home: You can reduce exposure to them by doing the following:
  1. Avoid pesticides inside the house and garden.
  2. Eat organic foods. Foods that are not organic have pesticides.
  3. Look for products packaged in "recycling-code-3" plastic or contain the word "fragrance:" phthalates could be present. They exist in shower curtains, vinyl flooring, detergent, nail polish, hair spray, shampoos and perfume.
  4. To avoid BPA (Bisphenol) exposure stop microwaving plastic, scale back on canned food consumption, and replace plastic containers with an alternative like glass or stainless steel.
  5. Avoid flame retardants: Frequent mopping and vacuuming can help reduce the likelihood of inhaling dust laced with flame-retardant. Watch out for mattresses and children's toys that contain polyurethane foam. (Business Insider)

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