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DID YOU KNOW? Want to know one of the largest (certain)growth markets on the planet? The world’s 65-plus population. Already at a historical high of over 600 million people, it’s projected to hit 1 billion by 2030, and 1.6 billion by 2050! AND.....this expansion will take place primarily in wealthy countries. In the U.S. alone, the spending of Americans ages 50 and up in 2015 accounted for nearly $8 trillion worth of economic activity. (Barron's)

DID YOU KNOW? At its North Bayshore area of Mountain View, Google is planning to develop 3.12 million square feet of new and redeveloped offices, up to 400,000 square feet of community retail area, as many as 8,000 new homes and 35 acres of publicly accessible space. Google will partner with a developer to construct up to 6,600 of those residential units on its land, with 20% qualifying as affordable housing. Google has spent around $2.8 billion buying property in Mountain View, Sunnyvale and San Jose over the last 2 years. Earlier this week, it won approval to buy 10 more acres in San Jose for $110 million. (CNBC)

DID YOU KNOW? As markets cool around the country and fear of a correction deepens, flippers/speculators are cutting back: The number of new home loans issued with terms of 3 years or less, typically used by investors looking to make a quick profit, dropped by 11% in the July-to-September period from a year earlier. Fewer than 46,000 single-family houses + condos were flipped in the 3rd quarter, the smallest number in 3.5 years a section of market that is expected to make up 5.5% of home sales in 2018. (WSJ)

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