Two 40-story 338-feet skyscrapers in a residential area on the outskirts of New Delhi were demolished after India's Supreme Court ruled last year that the builders of the two towers had violated a series of critical construction rules, ordering the buildings to be razed to the ground. Some building codes are tough.....especially when they are enforced! (CNN)
The top 40% of income distribution in the US accounts for 60% of US consumer spending. The people who tend to rent are those least likely to be able to pay the higher prices. According to 2021 Pew Data, 60% of renters are in the lower quartile of American income. If you look at net worth, including asset wealth, that number rises to 87.6% (FT)
234 million people surf Zillow’s apps and sites monthly (a figure equivalent to over 90% of U.S. adults), but Zillow monetizes only 3% of U.S. real-estate transactions. (WSJ)
A new record price was achieved in Downtown Los Angeles' Arts District and Justin Alexander, Tab Howard and Michael Robleto of COMPASS Los Angeles made it happen! See the LA TIMES article here.
A survey of 1,086 CEOs of U.S. companies on the 2022 Inc. 5000 list found that 64% wake up by 6 a.m., or earlier. Nearly 90% of the CEOs surveyed rise no later than 7 a.m. (CNBC)
Neuroscientists say that spending time near oceans, lakes, rivers and other blue spaces can provide a range of benefits including reducing anxiety, easing mental fatigue and rejuvenating us.....When you are near it, there is often less visual and auditory information to process. Our mind can rest.....which may explain the soaring demand for pools in the past 2-3 years. And the value of any waterfront property. ANY water features usually add value to a home, not to mention a good bathroom! (WSJ + opinion)
A 2019 study found that it takes at least two hours a week in nature to improve our well-being, which can be broken into smaller stretches.
Lacquered painted ceilings are a trend these days and they do look great: one lesser-known value-add is their ability to transport and reflect light deep into rooms and spaces that have lesser light..... (WSJ)

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