Major U.S. and Canadian pension funds are cutting back investments in office buildings, betting that prices will likely fall as the 5-day office workweek becomes a thing of the past. (The 3-day office work week seems to be a growing trend) Retirement funds are still buying property, sometimes to hedge inflation. But those investments are more focused on warehouses, lab space, housing and infrastructure such as airports. (WSJ)
As our COMPASS technology component evolves, congratulations to Kendra Shimmell our new Head of Product and Shay Artzi our new Head of Engineering. While some in our profession are screaming at the sky that COMPASS does not have a tech focus, we know otherwise, with the largest tech team in our far. 
Michael Gorkowski (COMPASS Virginia) sent a brilliant graphic/chart that I wish to share with you....he has compiled some data points to demonstrate that home ownership OVER TIME is simply smart .....something to share with second-guessing recent buyers and equally important to share with future buyers on the fence. Facts and data matter!
Gallen Ellis sent this a world where every square foot has become increasingly more expensive, smaller, more efficient homes may offer is a spectacular feat of engineering to maximize efficiency of a small space. (CNBC)
Nobel Prize-winning economist Richard Thaler said the U.S. economy was showing more signs of strength than weakness and that those declaring inflation permanent might be speaking too soon......then you have the FED baying for a recession.....oy!
COMPASS agents Lourdes Maestres and Nicole Alvarez of The MPH team just closed on a RECORD-BREAKING sale representing the buyer for 1712 Southeast 12th Ct, which at $32.5M was the highest sales price/sq ft for Broward County, the 2nd largest county in Florida. This is the team’s second record-breaking sale in the last two years. Congrats, Lourdes and Nicole! Florida agents rock!
With the dollar so strong, American buyers are in Europe shopping you have someone looking for something super-special, Marc Kijner and Laurent Huguet of COMPASS Miami are co-marketing Mount Vernon Paris, listed for 13,8 Millions Euros, a unique property for sure!    
COMPASS is celebrating its first permanent office in North Carolina, at 3800 Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh. The Chappell Team, is a COMPASS founder in the Triangle and have migrated to their new home at "Compass Midtown." Compass launched in NC 16 months ago, and today is truly a celebration of exceptional growth, and a lot of dreaming big. Here is a very polished and cool drone fly-through tour of this office, complete with COMPASS agents and staff. CMO Ian Dunne directed the production. BRAVO!  And yes, opening up in 10+ territories in 2 years takes LOTS of time, effort and investment!
In case you missed it – Neda Navab and Elizabeth Stribling-Kivlan broke down some of the latest real estate market trends on this week’s COMPASS Update CallClick here for the recording, and leverage these key messages to guide you through data-driven conversations with your clients. Maybe share this digital newsletter in Marketing Center with your sphere? 

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