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DID YOU KNOW? Amazon re-visited 5 cities as it narrows its search for a 2nd $5 billion headquarters.....The visits over the past couple of months include New York City, Newark, N.J., Chicago, Miami and Washington DC.....Amazon appears to be favoring an urban site with the capacity to hire up to 50,000 employees. (WSJ)DID YOU KNOW? 5% of the entire US population is housed in just three cities: New York, Los Angeles and Chicago

DID YOU KNOW? The Texas population has grown by 12.6% (to 28.4 million people, larger than all of Australia) since 2010, more than double the population growth rate of the entire USA. Texas population has doubled since 1980. Texas is the second largest US state by GDP, population and area.DID YOU KNOW? China's GDP growth slowed to 6.5%....yikes: imagine if the USA's economy was growing at 6.5%! (CNBC)

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