What is the #1 habit - that sounds eerily familiar - Elon Musk wants to break, the first thing he does when he wakes up?  Stop checking the phone first thing! Hmmmmm....Not sure that will ever happen! Tesla has now produced 3 million vehicles to date! Tesla passenger cars did not exist 12 years ago.....made in the USA and leading the planet! Anything is possible. (In the 19 years - 1908-1927 - the FORD Model T was produced, 15 million vehicles were delivered!)
U.S. consumer borrowing increased by $40.2 billion in June from the prior month, the 2nd-biggest increase ever, according to data from the Federal Reserve. Credit- and debit-card spending, which account for more than 20% of total payments, gained 8% in July from a year earlier, while card spending per household climbed 5.3%, easing from a 5.7% ascent in June. (YAHOO)
The median sales price in Atlanta for July was $422,500, up almost 16% from the same time last year but 2% lower than last month. House price escalation may be cooling off after a spectacular run: Reasons for this change include rising mortgage rates, and inflation. Atlanta's housing market tends to cool in the Summer too. (WSB-TV2)
* Of the $12.86 billion in grid-modernization investment under consideration, regulators only approved $478.7 million during the past quarter, according to the NC Clean Energy Technology Center. Certain state and regional regulators often have political incentives to fight against changes to the power grid. While some fight oil pipelines and fracking, others fight windmills and solar panels......oy vey! (CNBC)
Businesses in the UK, whose energy prices aren’t capped, have seen electricity costs rise in the past year between 45% -122% depending on company size, and gas prices between 131% and 185%. YIKES! Maybe green initiatives need to be tempered with non-renewable energy initiatives to avoid destructive high energy costs that will eventually destroy the green initiatives? (WSJ)
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