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DID YOU KNOW? Amazon opened it's 9th 7-Eleven-sized cashier-less store in San Francisco’s Financial District at 300 California featuring such ready-made items as lunches, snacks, frozen dinners, beverages, and limited groceries. It promises no lines, no checkout counters, and better expediency. Seattle and Chicago already are home to 8 other stores that use hundreds of cameras and sensors to track customers and what they’ve picked up for purchase. The items then get charged to their Amazon Go account automatically as they exit. (Curbed)
DID YOU KNOW? By 2025, Walmart wants to power half of its operations with renewable energy and wants to cut emissions in its global value chain by one billion metric tons by the year 2030.
DID YOU KNOW? Private-equity firms with real-estate debt funds have amassed record sums for construction loans, bridge loans and other types of risky debt, the latest sign that new money is piling up to lend for real estate. Real-estate debt funds now have $57 billion to invest, a new high. At the end of the second quarter of this year, there was a record $4.17 trillion in commercial real-estate debt held by all lenders, with 52.4% of that held by banks and thrifts. (WSJ)
DID YOU KNOW? Riskier interest-only loans accounted for 73% of all loans converted into commercial mortgage-backed securities in the 9 months ended in September. These loans are considered less secure than traditional amortizing loans because they can run into trouble when they mature if rates are higher or property values are lower. Interest-only loans accounted for only 30% of the total in 2012. (WSJ)

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