Did You Know?

DID YOU KNOW? A recent Harris Insights housing consumer study shows some interesting findings:

  • 90% of 1,000 consumers surveyed used real estate agents to buy and sell their homes, up 5 percentage points from 2014 and up 9 percentage points from 2001.
  • 91% of 18-34 year olds - Milennials - used a real estate agent. 
  • Amongst Gen Xers (35 - 44 years old) 94% use an agent.
  • 94% of those with a college degree used an agent.
  • 79% of those making $50,000 a year or less used an agent. 
  • 98% of those making $75,000-$100,000 used an agent.
  • About 69% of consumers said selecting an agent from people they trust was either extremely important or very important, while 92% said it was important.
  • 64% said finding agents with similar home listings was critical. 
  • 62% said website ratings of agent’s performances was important.
  • 57% said having a personal relationship with the agent mattered.
  • 52% said membership to professional organizations mattered. 
DID YOU KNOW? Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is donating $1.8 billion to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, the largest gift to any educational institution in the U.S.
DID YOU KNOW? Around Thanksgiving, I love to share some great stories about GIVING.... Tara Rochlin of Lafayette, California recently represented the sellers of a lovely high-end, well-appointed home who's buyers were fire victims from last year's Sonoma fires. The buyers had been living in a furnished rental and left their longterm home last year in the middle of the night with only the clothes on their backs. Tara's sellers no longer needed most of the furnishings, electronics, linens, and housewares, but rather than selling their valuable possessions, they GIFTED these items to their buyers. A reminder that there are very good people in this world and in our community. Happy Thanksgiving!

DID YOU KNOW? The average total Street compensation surged 13% in 2017 to $422,500 - the most since the financial crisis - and that figure is expected to grow in 2018. Compensation consultants Johnson Associates predict that equity sales and trading pros will see the biggest surge in their cash and equity bonuses, by as much as 20% from last year. Here are their bonus expectations for 2018/9:

  • Equities sales and trading: 15 - 20%
  • Private equity: 5 - 10%
  • Investment banking underwriting: 5 - 10%
  • Corporate management: 5 - 10%
  • Hedge funds and asset management: 5%
  • Fixed-income sales and trading: 0 - 5%
  • High net worth, retail and commercial banking: 0 - 5%
  • Investment banking advisory: 5 - 0%
Will real estate markets experience a 2018/2019 BONUS BUMP?
DID YOU KNOW? Humans are now around 1.5% taller overall than we were in 1975, as well as 14% heavier. Because the human population is living longer, the average age is also over 6% higher than it was in 1975. Scientists figure that this means the average person needs around 6% more food energy than they did back then. Overall human food consumption spiked by a whopping 129%, with approximately 116% of that growth coming from population increases and the other 15% stemming from humans being larger on average.

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