ccording to a June report from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, between 2001 and 2019, rents rose 16% while renter incomes rose only 5%, both figures adjusted for inflation. (WSJ)

Compass now has 225 agents in the Kansas City area. and a second office just opened!  Welcome all in Kansas City to the COMPASS family!

If COPPER was trading for $3.26 in mid 2018, and is now trading at $3.57 four years later (after a massive surge that took pricing closer to $5) this would imply a price escalation of 2.5% annual escalation over 4 years averaged, compounded, much closer to where inflation should be......?  Crude Oil was trading around $74 in mid 2018: 4 years later its at $98....that averages an approx. 7% per year price escalation compounded.

U.K. inflation hit a new 40-year high of 9.4% in June as food and energy prices continued to soar. (CNBC)



"This is the lowest default rate in the history of the bank." - Jamie Dimon, JP MORGAN CHASE

ChicagoMag just announced the COMPASS Jeff Lowe and the Lowe Group Chicago continued its reign as the top producing team of 2021! 25% of Chicago's top 100 teams were from COMPASS.....BRAVO!!!

Nearly 2 million square feet of office space was leased in Midtown Manhattan in July, a triple the volume of  July 2021 and more than in any month since December 2018.

Gen Z is the first fully digitally native generation. They were surrounded by and immersed in computers and smartphones and had access to social media from their earliest days, dramatically shaping their experiences and interactions. It also allowed this generation unprecedented access to information and connections with people worldwide, from casual exchanges to their college education. As a result, Gen Zers have a much more global view and broader sensitivities to culture, diversity, and inclusion than previous generations....and greater access to information and trends from all over the world, shaping their preferences and viewpoints. (JING Daily)

COMPASS Chevy Chase Eldad Moraru's son Eli has co-founded the non-profit The Community Grocer to re-imagine nutritional assistance in food deserts across Philadelphia and the US in an effort to create better health outcomes for all. The Community Grocer (TCG) mission is to fight hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition. He's been developing TCG with the Grays Ferry community, addressing the problems that arise in low-income food deserts.

 Currently they are in fundraising mode so if this is of interest to you, learn more HERE.  Great article about them HERE.  DONATE HERE. 


* For the second consecutive year, COMPASS San Diego has been named 'Best Real Estate Brokerage' in the San Diego Union-Tribune's 2022 Readers Poll. Please join me in congratulating the COMPASS San Diego community on this great accolade!

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