Property tycoon Christian Candy has sold his luxury estate just west of London for about £125mn, one of the biggest housing deals this year, according to people briefed on the transaction. Christian and his brother Nick Candy made their names selling expensive apartments in London to the super-wealthy in the years after the 2008 financial crisis.
SHARKS!!!! JAWS!!!  We see this scary headline rather often. However, in 2021 there were just 137 reported shark bites globally.....which when compared to mosquito bites is rather interesting:  Globally, Mosquito borne diseases kill at least 700,000 people annually.....West Nile Virus kills about 130 people per year in the US... "MOSQUITO'S!!!!!!!" 
After selling two homes in Manhattan for $101 million, the estate of Paul Allen just sold 6 houses and 2 additional parcels of land on Mercer Island for a total of $67 million. Three of the homes were mansions with at least 10,000 sf of space on or near the island’s western coast.
Construction spending fell 1.1% in June at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $1.76 trillion. Economists polled by the Wall Street Journal had expected a 0.4% increase. (Marketwatch)
Gas stoves emit harmful levels of several pollutants, particularly asthma-risking nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Homes with gas stoves have average NO2 levels ranging from roughly 50% to 400% higher than homes with electric stoves, which require venting. Turn vents on before using your gas stove.
In Switzerland close to where my brother lives in the canton of Valais high in the Alps, a giant water battery began operations last month: Nant de Drance, is a pumped storage hydropower plant that provides the same energy storage capacity as 400,000 electric car batteries. The plant is equipped with agile, reversible turbines that offer new levels of flexibility. With the flick of a switch, the plant can go from storing energy to providing electricity. The massive project took 14 years to complete. Around 10.5 miles of subterranean tunnels were excavated through the Alps while the 6 turbines are stored 600 meters (1,970 feet) below ground, in a giant cavern the length of two football fields. (CNN)
Pella - one of the US's largest window manufacturers - is having a tough time attracting workers. The Kuyper family and its descendants have spent tens of millions of dollars in the past 3 years on housing, child-care centers, restaurants and an indoor entertainment center, among other things, to retain and attract new workers. More spending is on the way. Located 45 miles outside of DesMoines Iowa, attracting talent can be tough! (WSJ)
As we order more online, we also deliver more.....and that emits more carbon dioxide.....Amazon said its activities emitted the equivalent of 71.54 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2021, up 18% from 2020, and an increase of nearly 40% from 2019. Amazon lowered its carbon intensity (emissions per dollar in sales)  by 1.9% in 2021, compared with a 16% decline in 2020. Now Amazon is increasing same-day delivery, 'warehousing' in more local 'bricks and mortar' retail outlets.(CNBC)
Affordability and Outdoorsy are two of the most sought after attributes of places to live these days and are in the shortest supply.....
The James Hughes Team and the agents of the COMPASS Montclair, NJ office are raising money to help the families affected by a devastating fire in East Orange, NJ. 18 families have been displaced and many had to flee the fire with just the clothes on their backs. If you are able, please donate here to help our neighbors in need. #CompassCares

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