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DID YOU KNOW? In 2017 our neighbors to the north in Toronto created nearly 29,000 technology jobs, more than Silicon Valley, Seattle, New York and Washington DC combined. (CBRE)

DID YOU KNOW? What began on the coasts, in areas like New York and San Francisco, is now radiating into the nation’s heartland, as well as to cities from Las Vegas to Charleston, South Carolina. Entry-level buyers are scrambling to purchase homes that are in short supply, sending values soaring. (WSJ)

DID YOU KNOW? Sotheby’s total includes $511 million in privately brokered art sales, down 6% from a year ago, the New York-based company said on Tuesday, as well as $2.6 billion in art auction sales, down 8.7%. Christie’s auctioned off $2.8 billion of art during the first half of 2019, down 22% from a year ago, although this excludes private sales that did not make it to auction. (WSJ)
DID YOU KNOW? The Fed is scheduled to cut rates today with the highest probability of a 0.25% cut, the first time they are cutting rates since 2008, and the first time to do so without a significant economic slowdown. It is being termed as an 'insurance cut' to keep driving the economic expansion. (CNBC)

DID YOU KNOW? Annual revenue from Amazon Web Services, or AWS, grew 27% last year to $15.5 billion, representing nearly half of the $32.4 billion in total revenues generated by providers in the global cloud infrastructure market. (Marketwatch)

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