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DID YOU KNOW? While mall leases for clothing retailers declined by more than 10% since 2017, medical clinics at malls have risen by almost 60% during the same period. (CoStar)

DID YOU KNOW? The number of family offices around the globe has risen rapidly after years of wealth accumulation in the wake of aggressive monetary easing by global central banks. There are now 7,300 offices, an increase of 38% in the last 2 years, according to Campden Research, while total assets under management were $5.9 trillion and the wealth of the families behind them stood at $9.4 trillion. (SCMP)

DID YOU KNOW? The number of areas with a median price of $1 million has fallen to 628 from a peak of 636 in March. (Bloomberg)

DID YOU KNOW? For the 5th year in a row, Boulder CO ranked as the best housing market nationwide based on home price growth and stability. (SmartAsset). The odds of a major drop in home prices in Boulder were 0%. Pricing has increased by 268% since 1994. Boulder was one of three Colorado cities to rank among the Top 10 most stable markets, along with Fort Collins (No. 4) and Denver (No. 8). Texas also had three cities at the top: Midland (No. 2), Austin (No. 3) and Houston (No. 9). San Francisco and San Jose areas also were in the TOP 10. (Marketwatch)

“We’re in The Middle of A Dip in Global Growth That’s Gone on Longer than Central Banks or Private-Sector Banks Had Expected. Even with Labor Markets Tight in Most Developed Economies, the Slowdown in Global Growth and The Softness in Inflation Are Pushing Central Banks to Ease Again.”

- Bill Adams, senior economist, PNC Financial Services Group. Rates are expected to be lowered in the US next week and as early as this week in Europe.

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