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DID YOU KNOW? A penthouse at the Beverly West Residences just sold for $21 million, marking one of the most expensive condo sales ever completed in the Los Angeles area. This is a price traditionally associated with a single family home, but Los Angeles' condo market continues to expand. (WSJ)

DID YOU KNOW? Super-star Malibu agent Patricia Cali shares an outstanding tip for buyer's agents: It's always best to preview a listing before showing it to a buyer, but often you don't have the time, or the listing is brand new. Call the listing agent prior to the showing to ask if there are any features or items worth noting that do not appear in the description: this way when you show the property, your clients know you have made an effort to do some research prior to the showing AND you add some insight/s they may not be able to gather themselves online. Thanks Patricia: GREAT TIP!

Too often these days I hear people talking about how horrible the times are that we are living in (This is nothing new). There is no doubt that we have big issues and problems to deal with, but here are three big thinkers' perspectives that I thought were worth sharing:

“Now Is the Best Time to Be Alive, Pretty Much. Those Who Think the Past Is Better Have Not Read Enough History.”

- Elon Musk 

“The World Is Getting Better, Even if It Doesn’t Always Feel that Way. I'm Optimistic About the Future Because I Know that Advances in Human Knowledge Have Improved Life for Billions of People, and I'm Confident They Will Keep Doing So.”

- Bill Gates

“I’ll Repeat What I’ve Both Said in The Past and Expect to Say in Future Years: Babies Born in America Today Are the Luckiest Crop in History.”

- Warren Buffet

I grew up in South Africa and in Afrikaans there was a saying worth repeating: "Alles sal reg kom!" Which translates to "Everything will be OK." We all experience tough times at some point in our lives, yet I'm an eternal optimist!

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