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DID YOU KNOW? In a ShelterZoom survey of 1,000 buyers 30% of respondents said there was nothing wrong with the real estate buying process, but the rest hit on familiar pain points: 39% said there’s too much paperwork, 36.6% said the process takes too long, 28.2% said it’s too confusing, 21.2% said there are too many people involved, 17.3% thought they were giving away too much personal information. 42.7% said commissions were too high. 33% of respondents said they were concerned about lack of transparency in the home buying process and the same share said they were concerned about conflicts of interest. Just under 29% said they were worried about lack of communication in the process while 21.9% said the agent can’t be trusted. About 17% of respondents said they didn’t have concerns with the homebuying process. In this little survey lies tons of insights - many known to all of us already - about how we can improve what we do.

DID YOU KNOW? Fed Chief Powell says a series of factors are holding homebuilders back and challenging affordability including a skilled labor shortage and increased material costs, aggravated by immigration tariffs policies. A severe housing shortage has inflated home prices and kept would-be first-time buyers on the sidelines. He also indicated a potential rate cut, although maybe not as large as some would like. (CNBC)

DID YOU KNOW? DOW 27,000, S&P 3,000....more new records for the equity markets yesterday and a clear indicator that many of our clients are wealthier than ever.

DID YOU KNOW? For some consumers, rankings really do matter. The recent Real Trends rankings require agent teams to sell at least $130 million annually to be in the Top 250 agents in the USA and $78 million as an individual. The top ranking team in the USA this year has almost 50 team members.... Another has around 100 members.... There are about 2 million licensed agents/brokers in the USA. (WSJ) 

DID YOU KNOW? The 36th Allen & Co Billionaire Media and Tech Mogul gathering in Sun Valley idaho is underway.

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