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DID YOU KNOW? Naples was voted the best US beachtown to live in by WalletHub. Congrats! Of the top 25, 44% towns were in Florida and 44% in California. WalletHub compared 192 cities across 62 key indicators of livability....and attainability. Not every beach town is crazy-expensive. The study took into consideration 6 factors to reach its conclusion: Affordability, weather, safety, economy, education & health, and quality of life. Rye, NY was deemed the safest of all the towns and Merritt Island, FL the most affordable and Naples was #1 for quality of life. Using a saved search, YOU can create a Naples beachfront home Collection (or a town you know your clients may be interested in) and send to your network with a link to this story. There are amazing Compass agents in Naples as well as most other great beach towns! (NBC)

"The Launch of 5 G Will Be Similar to Turning on Your Microwave, Opening Its Door, and Leaving It on For the Rest of Your Life. There’s Good Reason Why Hundreds of Scientists Are Taking Action Against the Wireless Industry."

- Paul Wagner. Thanks, Maggie Sherman for reminding us that sometimes with great advancements in technology come great health risks too.... Here are a few tips that can protect you, in the best possible way, from 5G radiation:
  1. Keep your distance as much as possible. Keep phones out of bedrooms.
  2. Measure levels whenever possible.
  3. Buy an EMF shield. HERE are some ideas.
  4. Protect your home as much as possible. How close is your home to a cell tower?
  5. Eat a healthy diet to boost your immune system.
  6. Try earthing, eg: walking barefoot. There are some products that minimize radiation.
  7. Educate yourself, team, friends and family as much as possible.
DID YOU KNOW? Total U.S. consumer debt hit $14 trillion in the first quarter of 2019, surpassing the $13 trillion of leverage accumulated in credit cards, auto loans,mortgages and other debt back in 2008, at the beginning of the Great Recession. The US economy has also grown by 19% since 2008 and the US population has grown by almost 8% since 2008. Student loan debt has more than DOUBLED since then, one big negative for first-time homebuyers. (Marketwatch)

DID YOU KNOW? Big private-equity firms, real-estate speculators and other investors that buy properties comprised more than 11% of U.S. home purchasers in 2018.

DID YOU KNOW? Opendoor, Zillow and Offerpad bought nearly 5,000 houses in the Phoenix metro area, roughly 5% of existing homes sold. Big investors now own more than 22,000 rental houses in metro Phoenix. (WSJ)

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