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DID YOU KNOW? New York is the third-highest among states in the USA for both the percentage of renters, 26.6%, or 900,000 households, and homeowners, 12.4% (or 500,000 households), deemed to be severely burdened by housing costs that consumed 50% or more of their income.Housing is considered affordable when it costs less than 30% of household income. (NYPOST)
DID YOU KNOW? About 9 months ago, combined sales of new and existing homes dipped below 6 million for the first time in 2 years. Since then, total sales have only topped 6 million once. A “top” for the housing market need not be scary. If sales simply move sideways from here, it will mean some more Americans are achieving home ownership, builders are selling some of their products, and economists and analysts have plenty to say about it all.(Marketwatch)

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