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DID YOU KNOW? Austin is known for its incredible music tapping into this sentiment, the Homesville Realty Group (Paul and Marquette Redham) created this catchy music video to message the benefits of Compass Concierge. Now that's authentic marketing at its best! ENJOY!

DID YOU KNOW? Sean Darby - Chief Global Eqities Strategist for Jeffries - thinks real estate is a good buy right now. Why? Because low-interest rates are not a result of a property problem at all. Mostly it is real estate problems that drive major economic corrections that causes interest rates to plummet. Banks have tightened their lending standards over the past 9 months. Existing Real Estate is also somewhat insulated from the trade wars. (Bloomberg)

"The Domestic Economy Is Still Resilient and On Solid Footing. for Now, We Are Not Seeing a Sharp Downshift in Economic Activity, but We Do Think that The 2nd Quarter Will Be Soft and That’s Due to Inventory and Trade.”

- Lydia Boussour, senior U.S. economist, Oxford Economics 

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