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DID YOU KNOW? New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Moscow, London, Beijing, Singapore, Los Angeles, Dubai, Mumbai are the 10 cities with the highest concentration of billionaires in the world. Real Estate and luxury assets accounted for only 2.2% of their net worth in 2018, down from 2.3%. Over 89% of billionaires are 50+ years old. Only 13.3% inherited their wealth while 55.8% are self-made and 30.9% have a combination of self-made and inherited wealth. (WEALTH X)

"Our Clientele Is 100% Online and 100% Brick-And-Mortar.” 

- Michael Burke, CEO Louis Vuitton

DID YOU KNOW? Lower Manhattan’s reached a new milestone when jobs in the neighborhood exceeded the number in September 2001 for the first time since the terrorist attacks 18 years ago. Private-sector employment rose to 251,334 jobs in the 3rd quarter of 2018, edging past the 247,938 jobs recorded for the quarter that ended in September 2001. (WSJ)
DID YOU KNOW? Philanthropy, Sports, Aviation, Politics and Real Estate are the TOP 5 interests of the ultra-wealthy. (WEALTH X)

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