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DID YOU KNOW? Amazon - which abandoned its Long Island City expansion plans in New York is rumored to be eyeing 100,000sf in Manhattan's west side near Penn Station.....stay tuned! (NY POST)

DID YOU KNOW? The NFL and the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp announced this year’s NFL Draft generated a record $133 million in direct spending, a 79% increase over the $74 million spent at the 2018 Dallas event. The economic impact was another record-breaker at $224 million, also a 79% increase over the $125 million in 2018. For comparison, the 2018 CMA Music Festival generated $61.2 million in direct visitor spending, and the city's July 4th celebration generated $10.8 million. About 21% of visitors surveyed stayed at Airbnb and VRBO rentals, 51.1% stayed in hotels, 16.6% with friends/family and 11.3% had other accommodations or took a day trip.

DID YOU KNOW? Since the Great Recession a decade ago some people’s credit scores are doing better than others. For all age groups, the average 2018 score was 680, still 5 points down from the 2008 average. Older people saw the sharpest credit score drops from 2008 to 2018. * Credit scores of consumers aged 72+ sank 40 points from 772 to 732, the largest decrease for any age group. * The second-largest decrease was reserved for consumers ages 51-71 whose scores fell from 723 to 706, a 17-point dip. * 18- to 21-year-olds had the largest increase, a 23-point rise from 616 to 639. * 22-35-year-olds experienced a 15-point jump in their credit scores from 629 to 644. * 36-50-year-olds had a 9-point slip from 669 to 662. (Marketwatch)

DID YOU KNOW? Real-estate investment trusts that buy residential home loans increased their mortgage-bond portfolios by almost 28% to $308 billion over the 12 months through March, 2019. REITs focused on home loans are small relative to the $11 trillion mortgage market, but have become a key source of capital in the housing market as the Fed trims its portfolio of mortgage bonds accumulated through stimulus measures. (WSJ)

DID YOU KNOW? In the last quarter of 2018, 13.8% of all home sales in Atlanta were flips. In Chicago, that number was 9.2% and in Boston 7.4%. (WSJ) 

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