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DID YOU KNOW? So far this year in 2019 U.S. retailers have already announced they will shut 5,994 stores, while opening 2,641. In 2018, there were 5,864 closures announced in total and 3,239 openings. (Coresight Research). 
DID YOU KNOW? Many Chinese investors are betting a US-China trade deal will make Chinese stocks and investments soar in don't expect as much Chinese money flowing into the USA right now. The Chinese government is also encouraging more domestic Chinese investment.....and spending. (Reliable sources)

"In Graduate School, You Learn All This Complicated Stuff, but What’s Really Essential Is Being Able to Get Others to Follow Your Ideas." 

- Warren Buffett
DID YOU KNOW? Real-estate investment trusts had some of the highest median worker pay among financial, real-estate and insurance companies in 2018, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of annual pay disclosures by hundreds of big U.S. companies. (WSJ)

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