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DID YOU KNOW? New York’s population dropped 0.47% to 8.4 million by July 2018, compared with the previous year. New York’s population dipped by about 38,000, a 0.45% decline from the prior year. The city’s robust population expansion fueled by new young residents in the past decade appears to have begun its inevitable slowdown. Overall, the number of residents in the 5 boroughs grew by 2.7% from 2010 to 2018. The Los Angeles metro area shrank by 0.1%, and Chicago declined by 0.2%. Pittsburgh and Cleveland also showed similar drop-offs. (WSJ)
DID YOU KNOW? In 2018, companies in the S&P 500 index increased their spending on plants, equipment and other investments by 14%, a big improvement over previous years. Companies spent significantly more last year buying back their own stock - $806 billion - 55% higher than in 2017. About 65% of taxpayers received a cut in their overall liability, according to estimates by the Tax Policy Center, and only about 6% paid more.

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