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DID YOU KNOW? Airbnb is partnering with a major New York real estate developer, RXR Realty, to convert portions of New York City commercial properties into a “new category of urban lodging.”
They are essentially hotel rooms with living rooms and kitchens that can only be booked through the Airbnb platform, representing Airbnb’s biggest move yet into the traditional hotel space. (CNBC)
DID YOU KNOW? And......Marriott will now be taking on AirBNB with its own home-renting marketplace....Marriott operates about 1.3 million rooms worldwide. AirBNB has close to 5 million! New York City passed a law last year that would have required Airbnb and other home-sharing services to disclose to the city detailed listing information, although a federal judge in Manhattan blocked it as too broad. Airbnb has said the law protected the hotel industry while trampling on hosts’ rights. (WSJ)

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