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DID YOU KNOW? In a symbolic first, electric cars outsold fossil fuel cars in Norway last month. 58.4% of new cars sold in the country in March were battery-powered, a historical high. Norway’s Parliament has voted to require that all new cars sold in the country be electric by 2025. (Marketwatch)

"It Is Credit Crunches, Not Inverted Yield Curve, and Not Aging Economic Expansions that Cause Recessions. the Yield Curve Is Just Keeping Score on How the Fed Is Reacting to And Influencing These Cycles." 

- Ed Yardeni 
DID YOU KNOW? The U.S. neighborhood and community shopping center retail vacancy rate was flat in the first quarter, according to Reis Inc. The national vacancy rate was 10.2%, unchanged from the 4th quarter, but marginally up from a year earlier. The vacancy rates in 28 of 77 metros rose during the first quarter.

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