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DID YOU KNOW? Developers opened more new apartments in the Dallas area than any metro area in the country in 2017 with almost 28,000 new rental units. New York City was second with 23,207 apartment completions, followed by third-place Houston with 21,404 apartments in 2017.

DID YOU KNOW? In 2015,the average New Yorker's SALT deduction was more than $22,000 while in New Jersey and California, it was around $18,000.

The new tax law does away with most itemized deductions and doubles the standard deduction to nearly $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for married couples who file jointly. The law also eliminates personal exemptions.

Now high tax states are figuring out ways to lessen this burden with ideas including granting an uncapped charitable deduction after filers pay property taxes.

Another idea does away with income taxes and applies a statewide payroll tax to be paid for by employers which is deductible to them.

DID YOU KNOW? Toys R Us is closing 180 stores around the country....they are a perfect example of how over-retailed the USA is in areas. 183 stores of their 880-store fleet has another Toys R Us within 15 minutes of it!

DID YOU KNOW? The dollar weakened - to around 1.233 - to the Euro making the USA much more attractive to European buyers!

DID YOU KNOW? Malls are becoming even more customer service oriented and now The Great Mall in Milpitas, CA joined with Booster Fuels, an app-based company that comes directly to cars at offices and retail parking spaces and refuels them. Why? TIME IS THE LAST LUXURY!

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