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Lisa Romano

Lisa has been a part of the real estate community for 20 years. She has worked on all types of real estate transactions, specializing in commercial and residential properties, SBA Loans, refinance and reverse mortgages. Lisa is an experienced commercial real estate professional and RCS is proud to have her serving the needs of our clients in Westchester.” Adler further added, “Lisa will provide innovative, dedicated, and professional service in the commercial real estate brokerage sector helping to improve and grow the economy of Westchester and the region.” 
As a former Village Trustee, Lisa worked extensively with planning boards, zoning boards, surveyors, town inspectors, and engineers throughout Westchester and the surrounding counties. Lisa holds a degree in Education & Paralegal, and she is also a Board Member and Secretary of the White Plains Rotary Club, RYLA Board, One Sandwich At A Time, Stepanic Interact Committee and is active in numerous other local charities.

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The Hardesty Team are pioneers in the industry and trusted advisors with a solution driven mindset. The Hardesty Team empowers their clients, helping everyone from the first-time buyers to seasoned sellers, make better, more informed decisions.
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